Assignments - A Cross-Section

  • Member of Canadian technical teams undertaking on-site due diligence examinations regarding the potential purchase of mining operations in specific Latin American countries.  We reviewed the political, regulatory, economic and social environment in these countries as they related to mining operations, as a key aspect to the risk and business analysis.
  • Conducted a contractual compliance review on behalf of the International Research and Development Centre (IDRC), Ottawa, of four distinct institutions in Honduras, which were managing IDRC grant funds for agricultural and health sector projects.  The assignment included an on-site financial audit of the individual institutional operations and a formal risk assessment of each institution.
  • Conducted a series of compliance audits of a wide range of private and public sector firms across Canada on behalf of Industry Canada.    The audits were undertaken using the Risk-Based Audit Framework (RBAF) approach which deals with risk management and on-going monitoring strategies 
  • Co-facilitated (in Spanish and English) successful meetings of the Advisory Committee on Private Commercial Disputes Regarding Agriculture Goods, with initial focus on dispute resolution related to commercial transactions involving fresh fruits and vegetables.  This Committee was established under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and comprised of more than 50 key representatives from the governments and private sectors of Mexico, the USA and Canada.
  • Assisted a leading Canadian wireless telecommunications systems manufacturer in developing export markets in specific Latin American countries.  This included initiating business development and marketing strategies and plans for effective long – term market penetration, on – site development with the client’s technical staff, and the sourcing of funding both domestically and abroad.
  • Provided direction and support to a leading Canadian hydro utility in the initial development and execution of practical marketing plans for the sale of it’s “cutting – edge” integrated protection and control system technology for substation relay buildings in the electricity grids in Latin America.  This required extensive coordination with both its marketing and technical specialists, the sourcing of funding, and close liaison with its customers and potential customers to maximize results
  • Undertook a successful troubleshooting assignment to assist a Canadian microwave systems manufacturer to resolve a long-standing problem with a large Canadian provincial telephone company regarding the operation of one of its installed systems.  Our strategic approach transformed a potential complete systems replacement into a systems upgrade, and a potential costly loss into a profitable sale with a satisfied customer and end-user, opening the opportunity for additional sales.  This successful conclusion created the opportunity for sales to the entire oil and gas sector in the province.
  • Resolved a significant financial dispute that had festered for several years between a Canadian government agency and a recipient government concerning a Latin American aid project.  The use of an unorthodox strategic approach resulted in a successful settlement very favourable to Canada.
  • Undertook the organizational and administrative component of a technical assistance project for the restructuring on the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, Dominican Republic.  This assignment involved the development of planning strategies and recommendation and implementation of improvements to the organization and administration, accounting and auditing systems, and overall strategic and operational planning and programming functions for the Ministry, including the initiation of financial reporting and accountability.   The Ministry had in excess of 5000 employees.




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