Our Strengths And Approaches

Our fluency in Spanish, understanding of the distinct cultures, and broad network of contacts throughout the Caribbean and Latin American regions are distinct advantages in interfacing directly and expeditiously on assignments.

Inmanex and its select group of professional associates provide a wealth of practical experience both domestically and abroad.  Services are provided on an individual consultant or team basis, and are available for either short or longer term assignments in Canada or abroad. 

We can provide professionals who have lived and worked abroad and are familiar with local customs and cultures.   

Our extensive experience in interfacing with all levels of organizations from senior management to field personnel in government and private sectors in Canada and abroad enhances our ability to operate effectively for our clients, especially in offshore situations.

We have professional financial and management personnel who have experienced a wide variety of circumstances in numerous countries.

We apply a results – oriented, practical approach to assignments, employing a variety of strategies and techniques.  Our experience in many facets of offshore projects enables us to offer exceptional breadth in assessing situations, evaluating alternatives and recommending appropriate courses of action, both domestically and abroad.

We have the ready ability to separate reality from perception in assessing complex situations.

We bridge the cultural gap between Canada and the Caribbean and Latin America and have an excellent understanding of the individual “personalities” of the various countries in the region.



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